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Hunting in Russia. Small Game

USD net-price per person
Program Ref. No.SpeciesPeriodHunting regionAccomo dationHunter In group Days Total Days Hunt Air/Train transfer in CIS**Service for hunter Trophy & service
72-373-1Capercailye & Black-Cock Apr 20- May 10330 km. out of MoscowD4 - 675 car 950 C - 350 B C - 150
72-373-2Capercailye & Black-CockApr 25- May 25Karelia, 80-140 km out of Petrozovodsk cityD3 - 575 train or car 1350 inkl.1C + 1BC Add. C-350 BC- 150
72-373-6Capercailye & Black-Cock Apr - MaySt-Petersburg Novgorod regionD4-675 Car 1350 inkl 1C + 1 BC
72-373-7Capercailye & Black-CockAug 25- Oct 15Altai (Barnaul region)C,D5-685 plane 1450 including 2C +2 BC Add.C-150; BC-50
72-373-8Capercailye & Black-Cock Apr 10- May- 10Smolensk region (150- 400 km. out of Moscow)C,D2-575 car 9501270 include 1C +1BC
94-398-2Goose & Duck Sep 20- Nov 20 West Kazakhstan ( Guriev )5-795plane950 1850
94-398-3Goose & DuckSep Oct Salehard North Ural D5-795car930 1850
94-398-5Goose & DuckSep 1- Dec 25Delta of Volga river AstrakhanjF4-775 plane 1150
27-45-108-167-1 Snipes & WoodcockAug-Sep50 km. out of MoscowB 3-475 car 9501250 including snipes & woodcocks without limit; Duck-15; Black cock-100
207-1White partrigeSep -Mar100 km.out of Vorkyta city , SalehardE4-895plane 1450
80-150-1Pigeon & Stone PartrigeAug 29- Oct 15 Kirgizia ( Bishkek )E4-10 85plane 850 1450
150-1Stone Partrige Sep 15- Jan 31North KirgiziaE4-1085plane850 1450
150-2Stone Partrige Sep- Nov G3 - 764plane750 1350

*Accomodation: A-hotel with all facilities;B-lodge with all facilities;C-lodge with wc,sauna;D-lodge with sauna,no wc;E-lodge,no wc;F-lodge on boat;G-field camp;H-yurta;J-lodge of huntsmen &shepherds;K-holiday hotel(all facilities).
**Transportation: Rates for plane and train (Moscow-Moscow) and for helicopter (around hunting region) indicated on the moment of hunt . We recommend you to buy the tickets in your country with the Aeroflot branch.
*** If the quantity of the hunters in a group less tahn pointed in coloumn 6 the service price can be increased by 20 - 30 %.


  • Visa support
  • Permission for the temporary import-export of the arms & ammunitions
  • Assist with the customs formalities on arrival & departure
  • Meeting and seeing off at the international airport
  • Interpreter for all the period of the tour
  • Meals and loging
  • Professional guides
  • Car transfer to/from the hunting area
  • All the necessary transfers while hunting
  • Field preparation and transportation of the trophies to the airport, making international veterinary certificate or CITES if necessary
  • Export duty of the trophies.
    IMPORTANT: Conditions of the programs might be changed from season to season. Please contact us any time without any hesitation.