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Hunting in Russia.

Big Game Species: Marco polo sheep & Ibex, Argali, Snow sheep, Siberian , Maral , Bear, Kubanian and Dagestanian goat ( tur ), Chamois, Moose , Red stag, Wild boar, Siberian Roe buck, Saiga antelope & Wolf.
Period: May, August - February
Hunting region: Khabarovsk region, Kazakhstan, Karelia region, Colyma Kamchatka, Central Russia, Moscow region , North Kirgizia, West Altai, North Caucasus
Big game, hunting trophy
Small Game Species: Capercailye & Black-Cock, Goose & Duck, Snipes & Woodcock, White partrige, Pigeon & Stone Partrige, Stone Partrige.
Period: April, May, August - November
Hunting region: Delta of Volga river, Moscow and St. Peterburg region, Kirgizstan, Altai region, West Kazakhstan
Small Game, hunting trophy


  • Visa support
  • Permission for the temporary import-export of the arms & ammunitions
  • Assist with the customs formalities on arrival & departure
  • Meeting and seeing off at the international airport
  • Interpreter for all the period of the tour
  • Meals and loging
  • Professional guides
  • Car transfer to/from the hunting area
  • All the necessary transfers while hunting
  • Field preparation and transportation of the trophies to the airport, making international veterinary certificate or CITES if necessary
  • Export duty of the trophies.
    IMPORTANT: Conditions of the programs might be changed from season to season. Please contact us any time without any hesitation.