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Moscow, Russia
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Hunting programms in Russia.

Hunting in Russia has very good opportunities and many foreign safari companies send their clients every year for this purpose. We organize both Big game and Small game.

 Altai mountain goat

BIG GAME for the rare trophies like Marko Polo sheep, Kamchatka Bighorn, Yakutia snow sheep, Karaganda Argali, Transcaspian Urial, Ibex etc. Big game for traditional Russian trophies like Brown Bear, Elk (Moose), Maral, Izubr, Red stag, Siberian Roe buck, Wolf.

Capercailye & Black-Cock , Auerhahn & Birkhahn , Grand Tetras & Petit Tetras

SMALL GAME for Capercailye, Black-Cock, Goose, Duck, Snipes, Woodcock, Partrige etc.

Big brown bear in Camchatka (Far East)


  • Visa support;
  • Permission for temporary import-export of arms and ammunitions;
  • Assistance with customs formalities during arrival & departure;
  • Meetings and seeings off at the international airport;
  • Interpreter for the whole period of the tour;
  • Board and lodging;
  • Professional guides;
  • Car transfer to/from the hunting area;
  • All necessary transfers while hunting;
  • Field preparation and transportation of the trophies to the airport, an international veterinary certificate or CITES if necessary;
  • Export duty on the trophies.